It has a warm Mediterranean climate and sandy beaches, it’s affordable and there are plenty of fiestas to be had. What’s not to love about Lisbon, one of the hottest new destinations for 2016? It’s basically the new Barcelona – minus the Brit stag and hen parties.


1. It’s very good value for money

It’s one of the cheapest capital cities in Europe – but not everyone seems to have cottoned onto that yet. A pint of beer in Lisbon costs just £1.39, compared with £3.39 in Barcelona, £3.81 in Amsterdam and a whopping £5.39 in Paris.


2. Activities galore

You’ve got the Atlantic Ocean on one side, so you can pop down to the beach for watersports like sailing and surfing as well as a spot of fishing. You can also book yourself into Portuguese cookery classes, wine tours and party boats. Hiking is also popular.


3. It’s known as the ‘Sunshine Capital’

Lisbon gets a mega 3000 hours of sunlight every year, and temperatures reaching over 30 degress during the hottest months. So pack your swimmers and your shades.


4. It has a real party scene

Lisbon offers a vibrant nightlife scene with Barrio Alto being one of the best districts to head to for a great night out. Home to more than 250 bars and clubs including infamous hot-spots such as Lust, Ministerium and Lux, the latter owned by hollywood actor John Malkovich.


5. It’s just over 2 hours away…

The flight time from London to Lisbon is only 2 hours and 20 minutes. Flight prices are consistently affordable due to the great weather making it an all year round destination.


6. It’s popular with celebs

Lisbon attracts many famous faces and musicians such as Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Selena Gomez, Little Mix and sportstars like Cristiano Ronaldo can often be found holidaying there.
7. One of the quietest capitals in the world

Hilly Lisbon is full of stairs, and devoid of cars, which makes it even more beautiful. It’s a city where you can hear you own thoughts.


8. Beautiful cultural and historical attractions

Soak up some local culture with a visit to the world’s most most expensive chapel, Sao Roque Church. You can wander the old town to see unique scenery and picturesque cobbled streets.


9. Never ending array of beaches

Lisbon is a sun kissed city and due to it bordering the Atlantic Ocean, it is home to a selection of beautiful sandy beaches along its coast. Locals are known to head out to the beach all year, not just in the summer to enjoy the refreshing atlantic breeze.
10. It’s a compact city

Despite being the country’s largest city, Lisbon is conveniently accesible with distinct areas for bar-hopping, shopping and stunning beaches all in walking distance. It is a friendly city with a great essence for life.